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Welcome and a fourth story

August 27, 2011
Posted at 9:36 pm

Thank you to those readers who have provided me with feedback about the stories I have posted. It is good to see that Perra was appreciated even though the count indicates people may have been put off by the "beast" code. (That isn't really the nature of the story, no more than a fight scene might require a "violent" tag.)

I have been asked about a sequel and admit I would have liked to see how the characters fared as well. At the time I didn't have a laptop and did much of my writing away from my computer so I have a large number of hand-written stories still to be transcribed onto my computer or waiting for a final chapter or some clean up. Unless my muse gives me an insight into Perra's life that warrants it being fast-tracked I guess a sequel is not scheduled at present. Sorry.

The start of a new story Assassin has been submitted and should appear shortly. I have finished writing this story and am in the process of a final edit with chapters probably being uploaded in blocks every few days as I get them formatted properly.