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Thief of Shadows Chapter 7

August 10, 2011
Posted at 10:12 pm

Sorry it took longer than usual to post chapter 7. It has been a crazy few weeks in the real world. I should be back on track and look for chapter 8 early next week. I've received some interesting feedback on this chapter, so I though I'd respond here. First, I appreciate you all taking the time to comment, bit anonymous doesn't allow me to respond to your comments, both positive and negative.
I've tried to make Aaron a little less perfect, but I may have not articulated it well enough. In chapter 7 there are two instances where Aaron isn't paying enough attention to what is going on. The first when he is in the Deathmark and the second when arguing with De Ponce. In the Deathmark the tone of the discussion is the distraction, while with De Ponce it's the fact that Carlos is being difficult. Yes, Aaron kills, but unless it's personal he'd rather avoid it. Carlos isn't making that easier. So the emotion is frustration. I took a look at both instances and realized those emotions were woefully expressed to you the reader. I am going to rework that area and try to bring out Aaron's thought process better.