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IRL, shit happens.

July 30, 2011
Posted at 8:48 am

11 months since my last post.

Time really flies when Life (tm) gets in the way.

So much shit has happened that I really wonder what I did to piss off mother nature. I DON'T use Parkay!

I'm down to ONE running vehicle, from three, and, best of all, The corp(se) I worked for, "terminated" me. "Reduction in Force." "Sign here..."

11 7/12ths years with never a sick day. Sigh.

I guess pointing out to 'engineers,' that they couldn't accurately measure a yardstick within an inch wasn't the smartest thing for me to do... But I'll never buy a Bridgestone or related brand tire again.

And look! I have the dreaded yellow stripe on "Y'all." Another Sigh. But that story STILL isn't typed up, or edited.

I started another pen name, Black Berry, to post some raw, unedited stuff that I write on my smart phone.

I posted one yesterday, that I'd dashed off after a job interview. It's a 209 word flash story, written while waiting for a bus.
Read the blog post about it, before scoring, please. I really don't think it deserves a 2.31 score.

Now that I'm un-employed, I may have some time to write. Hopefully, some of that will pass muster, and get posted here. No promises, mind you...