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July 28, 2011
Posted at 8:04 pm

'Anything" is up

I gotta tell you, This one wrote itself.
I was sitting in the shade at the bus terminal, in downtown (mumblemumble), when a (guessing here) 15 year old black girl, just as cute as could be, sat down next to me and offered to do "anything for $50.00" because she needed bus fare to New York.

I didn't say anything, as I studied her through my sunglasses.

She worked herself down, five bucks at a time, to twenty-five, when I interrupted her.

"You're running away from home, ain't cha?" I asked.

She hung her head, and agreed.

That's when I lied to the girl.

"Well, you dumb little bitch, I'm a fucking cop. But I'm off duty, and I do not EVEN want to have to do the paperwork that you would cause me. Get your narrow ass back home to your momma, afore I bust you for everything I can think of!"

She took off, and I heard a deep booming laugh, behind me.

It was a transit cop, leaning against a pillar.

"You ain't no cop," He stated.

"She ain't no whore," I replied.

The smile fell from his face, and he said, "Mebby now, she won't end up that way." He paused, and said, "Or dead." Then he turned and walked away.

I whipped out my phone, thought a moment, about how it might have gone bad for her, if it hadn't been me she approached, Then hammered out "Anything."

Heck, it took longer to tell about it, than it did to write!

Please, keep in mind that there was no editing, proofreading, or spell checking. I upload under this Nom de guerre, those stories that I write on my smart phone.

Your feedback is welcome, though. And, even if I can't respond, I DO read each and every one of them.