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The End is Near - Status for Alex, Rosa, Abby and Seto

June 6, 2011
Posted at 10:14 pm

Well, it's in sight, at least. This FanFic thing - Sow and Reap - has taken over my life practically for the last year, but finally the last five chapters are being edited. I have cued most of it to post a chapter every 10 days. If the whole thing stays on schedule, the last chapter - chapters and interludes combined, there are 59 of the damn things - should post on or about Sept 27. And I can write something else for a change! I have posted for all my on-going series except Alex is 24 which I am working on now. Hopefully, That, The Blooming of Rosa and Just Like the Old Days will all go back to a once a month posting schedule over the summer.

There are a few sequels in the pipeline as well. There are three NIS stories - Brian, Robert and Jul - in progress. Brian follows TyShala; Robert and Jul are both McElroys. I am also working on something that was suggested (OMG! 2 years ago!!!) in the SOL writers group which is an interesting place if you've never been there. The Forum link on the main menu will take you to it. Only don't tell the guys I sent you because I've been out of touch and I owe people a whole bunch of stuff to edit, review or write.

And all of it is on my list now that Seto is almost dead! I love the boy, goodness knows, but a year+ of writing time and 700 pages is too damn much!