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Blindfold Surprise

May 1, 2011
Posted at 10:08 am

Another short story about a man whose wife died and he is left to raise their 15 year old triplet daughters. It is a story I had posted over at IT but they have been down for so long I have little hopes of seeing them back online. I like SOL so will post most of my stories here from now on.

I had wanted to post another story but I'm having problems getting the right ending to it. Some days the mind just goes blank. I find if I leave a story for awhile then go back to it things will flow once again.

I have three stories I may have to split each one into a Book 1 and a Book 2 which may help. Book 1 could stand alone if I can't get the book 2 finish on each of them. I'll start one of them next week.