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Much Sex, Some Sex, Minimal Sex and No Sex

April 29, 2011
Posted at 1:40 pm

Most of my stories have a significant amount of sexual teasing, mild exhibition and sexually motivated behavior, often excused as accidental or done out of pretended naivete. Usually there are descriptions of intercourse or oral sex but such descriptions are generally a small percentage of the writing. In a few cases, neither intercourse nor oral sex is included in the story, being left to the reader's imagination, or, in at least one story, never actually taking place.

Still, the stories I write are nothing more than portrayals of sexual situations, at least in my view and apparently the view of those who like my writing. I am at a loss to know which of the labels, 'Much Sex', 'Some Sex', 'Minimal Sex' or 'No Sex', accurately describe their content. To me, these labels suggest the degree to which a story is sexually based. I am afraid, however, that my use of them is frequently misleading to potential readers, although not deliberately so.

As an example of my dilemma, I recently posted a story, "Kara Grows Up: Early Teens". To me it was incredibly sexy, describing a fourteen year-old girl as she realizes her strong exhibitionist tendencies and tries them out on a neighbor boy. It was sexually charged from beginning to end and I labeled it as having 'Much Sex'. However, those who clicked on the story expecting lots of intercourse or oral sex were highly disappointed as there was none of either.

Personally, when I come to this site, I do so because I am seeking something to stir my sexual imagination. As a consequence, I never read stories labeled 'No Sex' and tend to bypass those that are labeled 'Minimal Sex'. Maybe I'm missing something, both in the way my own stories should be labeled and in the way I am interpreting the labels of others.

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