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What a handful of hellfire will get you...

April 22, 2011
Posted at 11:15 pm

So I have this habit of getting story ideas from the littlest things. It could be a name, a word, a phrase. Anything really can suddenly have my mind spinning off a whole list of ideas. This is, unfortunately, a double edge sword because sometimes my mind will spin out of control and the next thing I know I have shit in my brain that, while interesting, is taking up space for the project I'm supposed to be working on.

I heard the phrase "handful of hellfire" spoken in the southern accent of what I imagine to be a Georgia gentleman. Then I made a joke about Great Uncle Jethro giving me advice about "a handful of hellfire goes along way." That's about when things started getting out of control.

So I've been jotting down these ideas in a notebook to try and clear them from my head. They keep my brain occupied and prevent me from focusing on anything else, like the stories I've already started writing. Hopefully I'll get Jethro the Sorcerer out of my head long enough to get some other things done. Then maybe I'll come back to him later.

The editing for chapter 2 of C'est La Vie will be finished this weekend and I'll submit it either Sunday evening or early Monday morning, so check back around that time if you want to know what happens next.

Made some progress on Chapter 3 today but not as much as I wanted. God damned Jethro...