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Understanding threads as I use them

April 14, 2011
Posted at 3:05 pm

Some folks seem to think that if a story is part of Thread #2 that they need to read Thread #1 first.

No... that is not right. Threads are not continuations but alternative realities. Number 2 happens instead of #1 because Jake gets a visit from his aged mother. His life takes a completely different trajectory.

Number 3 happens because while in #2 Jake has to make a choice of seeing one woman or avoiding her because of a text he gets. That choice spins #3 to a completely different result from the one in #2.

The Package Deal is another Thread... we don't know how Jake gets into it as it is told from the daughter of a wife Jake marries but clearly is more related to #2 and #3 than number 1.

The new story (not yet posted) is not a new thread. It belongs tied to the reality of Thread #2 alone and has nothing to do with Thread #1.