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Story Update and other things

April 14, 2011
Posted at 9:47 am
Updated: April 16, 2011 - 11:27 pm

Good morning,
I just uploaded chapter 10 for submission. You should see it in the next few hours.
First I want to thank everyone that have taken the time to respond to Thief of Roses. The emails have been positive and the voting as well, so I take it you like the story. I appreciate you taking the time to respond and vote.
I have received a few criticisms and I want to address them. I received an email cautioning me that Aaron was approaching Mary Sue status. Well I had to bing "Mary Sue" to understand the remark. Actually Aaron would be a Gary Stu. Aaron was a PC of mine for several years. Actually he was the second character I created and my favorite. So I'm a little biased about him. I took the litmus test and some of it does apply. But he's not fanfic and the story is about him, so that doesn't really apply. I'll try to point out his flaws and weaknesses a little better in later chapters.
Speaking of chapters: 11 & 12 are with my editor Envy and I should have them back soon. I am writing 15 right now, so you are only 5 chapters behind me. I should be done with the treason storyline soon. However Aaron will pick up a quest in chapter 11 that will be included and finish up this first story. There are several other stories rolling around in my mind. A sequel or two and two offshoots. We will see.
Thanks for letting me ramble, I'll get out out of your hair now