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The end of

April 14, 2011
Posted at 12:42 am
Updated: April 14, 2011 - 1:45 pm

I appreciate the many expressions of praise, and the many thoughtful criticisms that have been sent to me. I enjoyed writing the story and the kind words from readers are gratifying. With the final chapter posted, I have received a spate of email today. I will reply to everyone who provided a return address. For those comments sent anonymously, I will reply here, but on another occasion.

Unlike some authors, my writing is rather stream-of-consciousness. Many of the characters revealed themselves to me as I wrote. I knew where I wanted to end up but I didn't have any real idea how the story would unfold. When I got to the end, I felt the story was already perhaps too long. I wish now I had gone back and added more development to the existing characters, more characters and more conflict.

I felt that the mm sex and the S/m passage were important in the development of several characters. I understand that mm sex is repugnant to some readers. I added a warning to each of the affected chapters. Those same chapters also included passages devoted to other parts of the story. I hope those passages were not skipped over by many readers.

Because my writing is mostly unplanned, I don't yet have any sort of grip on what a sequel would entail. The way I write, I need only the beginning and some sense of the cast at the ending. I presently have no idea how the sequel would end. Reader thoughts would be welcome.

Meanwhile, another plot has captured my thoughts and I have begun to write a different story. It will be some time before that story is finished.

Thanks for reading. Thanks for writing to me.