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March 17, 2011
Posted at 5:28 pm

Mother Knows Best - Spoilers

Right now I'm working on my own spin on the Mother Knows Best story type. For those of you who want to know here is the plan for the upcoming chapters:

Chapter 1 - Wednesday is Movie Night
Katheryn has been having orgasms from her son nursing her large breasts for years while Michael has been asleep. After having a wet dream, Michael messes up his clothing with his massive amount of cum. Katheryn uses the situation, her son's sexual inexperience, his shyness, and her authority to coerce him into letting her examine his enormous tool. Michael has numerous orgasms each as fruitful as the first and feels shame about it. His mother loves it but hides this fact from her son.

Chapter 2 - A New Hope
In Katheryn's bedroom, mother severely molests her son to get a handle on her son's predicament. She masturbates him to one intense orgasm after another getting showered with jizz repeatedly. After a particularly powerful cum Michael passes out and Katheryn takes the opportunity to blow him and suck down his cream.

Chapter 3 - Tabula Rasa
During an inspection session Katheryn discovers that it is her obscene breasts which are causing Michael's extreme state of constant arousal and uses this knowledge to bring her son to even more earth shattering climaxes. Katheryn explains to her son that she's going to have to teach her son how to be a normal lover so that he can successfully get and keep a wife when he's older. He solution is to try and drain him completely to increase his tolerance for pleasure. An orgasm regiment is installed.

Chapter 4 - Once More With Feeling
A day in the life type chapter where we get to see what an average day is for Katheryn and Michael. Follows from morning to night and shows how Katheryn is using sexual and orgasms to condition her son into the perfect lover. We find out that Michael doesn't only have eyes for his mother but has had another girl on his mind. Katheryn does not take it well.

The story will conclude with the fifth chapter most likely which will tie up the coming story paths and introduce some open-ended elements to be used in the sequel.

The working title for the next series is Mother Knows Best: Long Live the Queen. I won't give much away but it introduces a new character: a gorgeous but sheltered young girl with a big crush on Michael who is extremely suspicious of his mother's behavior towards him. She also has particularities of her own. The stakes get higher and the scenes get hotter in what I hope will be a story to make Mother Knows Best look like a stroke story.