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An Update

March 6, 2011
Posted at 2:54 am

I've worked on a few more stories, some short ones and some long ones. I just posted a fantasy short story called Family Love. It's original title was Sex on the Couch so if you see that it's an error.

The Adventures of Randy is at a place where I am trying to end it so I can post it. I won't post a story that isn't finished as I hate it when authors never finish one or they take forever just to add one chapter. So I refuse to be like them.

Another story, the Cheerleaders has the same problem. Every time I think it is finished a new scenario pops up to continue it. Hopefully soon I can end that one as well.

The Adventures of Randy has spawned a breakout story called the Adventures of Walter, about a man who is CEO of a hotel and casino in Reno. He intends to open a chain of hotels of his own and is grooming people he can take with him. There is a story and lots of sex in between as well as some twist and turns. It's rolling pretty good so far but not finished either.

In the meantime I will be posting some short stories (less than 10,000 kb, and a few longer ones (12,000 to 20,000) that I have finished. Stay tuned.