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Age of consent laws

March 4, 2011
Posted at 12:17 am
Updated: March 4, 2011 - 12:26 am

Hi guys I'm going to apolgise for this.

"A Beginning," the only story that I have that was actually getting a large readership, and I really wanted to write. I'm going to have to pull it down. Not because I want to, but because I'm sort of averse to spending the next ten years in a special relationship with a rather large male that I'll just call Bubba as a generic term. For all those "Bubbas" out there I'll apologise as well.

For anybody following the thread about people of the tiger in the forum, and the age of consent laws that forced only the rewritten version to be posted, you can probably understand where I'm coming from.

I happen to live in NSW, the only state in Australia that regards the participation of a minor in a sex act in a story as pedophilia punishable by law. Sort of sucks to be me. Short of moving to Queensland, I won't be able to write this story.

After I finish off "A day in the life" I am going to come back and revisit this idea with slightkly older character, just to avoid the chance of my rectum being forcably widened, something that I'm trying to avoid for at least another 9 years when I have to have a prostate exam. Yep I'm really not looking foward to that one, I might like my doctor, but I don't think we're ever going to reach the stage in our relationship that I'm going to be eager to have his fingers back there.

Sorry to everyone who might have been reading this story