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February 22, 2011
Posted at 12:21 am

Yes that is the actual Appeal value on Jake's Thread #1 tonight. With 44 TPA votes it is listed on the site with an 8.8.8.

Of the 44 votes, 19 were 10's and another 13 were 9's. So that is 32 out of the total of 44. One guy clearly didn't like it and gave it a 3. There were no 4's or 5's, one 6 and one 7. Hey everyone has a right to not like something. But in math there is the concept of an out-lier. There is something wrong with a scoring system that equates 8.977272727 with 8.0. And there is something wrong when we can't identify an out-lier for what is it.

It's not that the TPA means that much to people. I gather you can't even sort by it... but it is a bit of a irritant to see these numbers that are supposed to mean something and really do not reflect reality. For what it's worth the P=8.886363636 and that is bad enough... but the A is just confounding.