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While waiting to post part 2 of The Package Deal

February 17, 2011
Posted at 9:08 pm

I sent Part 2 off to my erstwhile and trusted editor, Grisbuff. He needs a few days to digest it and has other duties, far more urgent and pressing to perform. So while I await the return of my copy which I trust will likely need significant reworking, I find myself with time on my hands.

I decided to re-read and edit Jake's Thread #1 and am sure glad I did. Even though has been through innumerable edits with me and two editors, I found errors in 10 of 12 chapters! How embarrassing!

I also found some sentences that needed to be reworked. So I did that today. By now 8 of the 10 reworked chapters have worked their way through the submission process and are already posted. The last two will be posted momentarily.

Maybe tomorrow I will take on Thread #2! :-) I find a day without a writing assignment to be frustrating. I seem to need to write. Why after all these years? Weird.