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Ho, hum ... rewards

February 8, 2011
Posted at 3:14 pm
Updated: February 8, 2011 - 3:17 pm

Well, so, OK, Caveat Emptor went down as well as I expected it to - provocative (& not immediately gratifying) theme, and a badly written tale to boot - so no surprise that it wasn't appreciated.

Except that it got a lot of feedback.

Specifically, lots of Feedback in terms of ostensible typos; ostensible only in the sense that SOL appears to have a different interpretation of an html file from mine - and W3C, come to think of it, but ...

But, hey, that's not the point. What bothers me is that I got a whole load of feedback when things went wrong, even if (IMHO) it wasn't my fault.

Or, a load of people found it within themselves to fill in the oh so carefully provided feedback form when their reading was slightly inconvenienced. In the interim, however, looking at comparable stats for the last story I posted Wisdom: Antithesis - more or less the same number of people have read - or at least downloaded - the the damn thing, and NOT ONE PERSON HAS BOTHERED TO COMMENT.

As it happens, I quite like Antithesis, but that's not the point. What is the point is that none of this stuff gets written just out of thin air. I'm not an infinitely fast typist and, even if I were, I do have to come up with stories, characters, etc etc. Whether you think they're good stories/characters/etc, that's up to you. I know that I spend time that could have been spent doing other things writing the fuckers. What I - and, I suspect, every other person who posts on this site - would welcome is some sort of feedback.

And not anonymous feedback. I do get that and its a pain. Frankly, I see anonymous feedback, I think: You're a dickhead. I will read the comment, but, hey, I've already prejudged you. Sorry, but I do put effort into this stuff; I'm not a prima donna, I can cope with people telling me they don't like what I post. But it gets really annoying when people tell me things like "your story was shit" without giving me the chance to ask why, what... - even how I might do better?

Because I would like to.

You know, that's almost the point?