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What About Cody's Hymen?

February 3, 2011
Posted at 3:56 pm

A reader sent us an email after reading Chapter 6 of Cody in Pictures, in which Cody gets what she really wanted from her daddy (she wants him inside her). The reader was questioning the way we described the breaking of Cody's hymen by her father, and asking for clarification.

Always wanting to provide plausible details, we were happy to address the reader's comment. The truth is that the hymen is unique to each individual woman. It does cover the vaginal opening (which the reader thought we had not made clear). The hymen indeed does do exactly that. We did call it a piece of skin, when in truth it's a membrane. But it was referred to as skin by Annie, who was trying to explain it to young Cody, who probably wouldn't understand "mucus membrane".

Also, the hymen can stretch, so we think it was plausible that Greg could have gotten his glans inserted and even ejaculate inside without breaking it. Lots of girls have gotten pregnant with their hymen still intact.

Hope that's a clearer description of what went on in Cody's pussy!