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Silver Goddess Gone from SOL

January 30, 2011
Posted at 3:55 pm

Hello Readers,

I've gotten e-mail from people already who have noticed that my two Silver Goddess stories aren't available here on SOL at the moment. The reason for that is, like other stories of mine that aren't on SOL any longer, they have been taken down to be rewritten (something every good author needs to do with their stories along the way long after the first draft was written), reproofed (I still get dinged on my Technical scores over that despite working with multiple proofreaders), and prepared for publication later this year.

This doesn't mean that I'll never put anything new back up on SOL again. Hera and the Relic Hunter was a new story put up last year and I have some more Relationships essays to write as time permits. I really like SOL, it is the only site that I've ever put a lot of my writing onto, and it's really hard for me each time I do request that a story of mine be taken down from it. It only means that where I have the possibility of publishing my writing now that I am exploring that possibility.

For those of you who have wondered over the years if I got a cut of the money for my stories that were Premier Membership area only, that answer is no. That money has always gone to the support of the site and keeping SOL free and ad-free.

As for The Silver Goddess, the 2 stories being taken down will become the first printed and eBook of what I envision as a 3 book series. I feel that it will take me at least that long to answer all of the questions that have already asked in these first two stories. I will soon start work on the new stories once I finish the existing rewrites still in my queue. Publishing is a whole lot more work than it seems like it ought to be.

If anybody is having problems locating my already published stories, send me an e-mail and I can tell you where they can be found. I can also be found on Facebook under my e-mail address: dbstory (at) storiesonline.org where I am trying to keep people up to date on my writing overall.

Thank you for your support over the years.

--D.B. Story