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January 15, 2011
Posted at 9:32 pm

It's hard to see what purpose a lot of the reviews serve. Most reviewers just seem to be 'licking ass' and almost without exception give marks of 9 and 10 across the board. Come on, even if you're reading an author and story you are fond of, surely they are not so perfect? The idea of reviews is to be supportive and constructive, sure - but it can hardly be called constructive when the review amounts to 2 short paragraphs and no thought whatsoever given to intelligent critique. The '8' I gave for my one review so far, is worth more than a whole damn sack full of other reviewers so-called '10's. I just wanted to point this out. I'm feeling a bit bad for the guy whose story I reviewed now, as he has the lowest damn score on the list - which in reality is actually a very good score. I think I've made my point.