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January 13, 2011
Posted at 4:29 pm

When The Whale is posted next week, that will complete the stories I currently have in the pipe. The question arises as to whether I write more about Jake's Girls, Return to Thread #2 for a look at the Triple Jacks, find out how the children Of Thread #1 are doing, or leave Jake and leave the Philippines entirely.

I think the answer needs to come from you. While Jake himself is probably not going to appear in stories any more, there are connections in each Thread that can be picked up.

I don't think I will return to the Philippines outside of the Jake Threads. I posted one story that didn't require the threads as a background "The Food Court" and therefore was read as a stand-alone. The feed back I have gotten is that if I had redone it to be part of the Jake Universe, there would have been fewer downloads but happier readers. It got poorer reviews and that was also a piece of the fallout.