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Missing stroies revisited

January 8, 2011
Posted at 2:17 pm

The other reason the first 2 stories may be missing is due to the exclusions you may have listed in your preferences.

If you have excluded stories involving young children under 12, they may not appear. There is no sex in these stories by children under 12, but there are children younger than that in the stories.

If you excluded rape, there is one rape scene in book 1, chapter 2. If you wish to read the story, just skip chapter 2 in the first book. Although the scene is important to the story, the event is refered to periodically and it's not necessary to read about the actual event.

If you've excluded any type of incest, then they won't appear. That's unlikely, however, because then book 3 wouldn't appear either.

With one exception, everyone that has commented on the missing stroies has sent their comments as anonymous. That may exclude it also.

It's likely 1 and 2 are not showing up because 1 has lolita code and 2 has a pedo code. I plan to remove the pedo code on book 2. I put that code on when I first started these stories. It really is not accurate, as there is no sex that young. I didn't fully understand the codes when I first started this.