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Missing stories

January 8, 2011
Posted at 1:40 pm
Updated: January 8, 2011 - 1:45 pm

I received an e-mail saying that my first 2 stories are no longer on this site. I have heard this from several people. However, when I sign on, I find all 3 stories, and I have asked other people to check and they verify all three are there. So, try this:

First, you may need to sign on the site. If you're not signing on, it may be you don't have access to all stories.
Second, go to the home page. Type my girls into the search box near the top left. They should appear as choices then. Be sure you're looking for the author unknown1000u2, as there are some other stories named my girls also.


Third, when you see the third story listed, click on the author instead of the story title. This will bring up a listing of all the stories written by me. They should all 3 appear as choices.

If none of this works, write back to me and I'll ask the webmaster what's going on. When I check, they all exist on the site.

Remember, since the other two are finished, they won't appear under updates or new stories. Also, if you are looking for them in your library, they drop out of that once they're finished and you've looked at the last chapter. If that's the case, switch to reading queue to see them again.

Also, another reminder... if you send me a response to reading my stories from this site and are not logged in, it comes to me as anonymous. I cannot respond to an anonymous message... the site doesn't allow it. So if you're not getting a response, that's usually why. Sometimes my responses to comments are a little late, but I always respond.

Here are some responses from some anonymous comments:

To the anonymous comment that he like the 3rd story but wished for more action: you're only on chapter 8, keep reading. Lots more action coming, although there is admittedly not as much action in this story as the first 2.

The work on the second part of the epilogue is going well. I will let you know when I have a better idea when it will be posted.



Another anonynous question concerned the fact that Megan had purple colors, but Elizabeth had purple before Megan died and gave those colors to Megan to bring her back, and that Megan's colors had been gold before that happened, but the colors were mixed up when she was lost (that's a quick synopsis, it's actually more complicated that that). This comment asked for clarification on that issue.

In reponse, I'd prefer not to clarify that just yet. It would touch on some issues that will be explained in the second part of the epilogue and that are unknown yet. If you still want clarification after I release the last part of the epilogue, write me back.