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January 5, 2011
Posted at 7:31 pm

2011 Update

Hi All:

Since it's a new year I thought I would post a quick update on where all my various projects stand...

Department 59 - The newest story, Nesting has just been released. I have outlines for the next two stories in the Universe, one of which will focus on Natasha, one that will focus on Adam. Both will be fairly short.

Neighborhood Chronicles - This will probably be the next one out, since I have actually have started it. It's a video game/wager story, as yet untitled.

Netwanderer Classics - There are two stories out there, both unfinished, that based on responses to an earlier poll I won't release until if/when I ever finish them (Night Teen and Tripping the Lights Fantastic). There's also Girl Scout Camp Adventures, which will probably be the subject of a blog post all on its own. Lost to the vagaries of PC migration is some old Fanfic based on Buffy and Power Rangers (yes, Power Rangers), if anyone has complete copies of those, please let me know!

New Series - Whom Gods Destroy is the tentative title and will be a kind of magic based series. I'm still working out exactly where I want to go with this...

Of course, writing time depends on workload, which shows no sign of slowing, so for now I won't promise a delivery date, but I will keep you posted!