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Thread #2 sent for first review

December 23, 2010
Posted at 5:53 pm

I have finished my internal edits after the third draft for the second thread. It has gone for outside review. It will probably be posted before the new year.

I find Jake an interesting character. In the first thread Jake was living in a world with clearly defined boundaries. In the second thread Jake is in a world where boundaries are less clear and rules less impermeable. In both Jake must balance appetite with... is it sanity?

In both Jake gets to define love and commitment in a way that makes so much sense to his psyche that he finds it almost humorous that others just can't see it.

Within the walls of Jake's reality he is trying to do good as he sees it. He just will see it very differently that the average person... or is it that he will admit to what others will not? Jake doesn't bother to ask the question. He assumes there are plenty of guys like him. For him it's not a matter of speculation, it is just not possible that he is wrong.

Jake doesn't live very far outside our world as we know it. In fact he could be here...

December 23, 2010