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About Christmas Shopping

December 18, 2010
Posted at 2:37 pm

This is my first blog entry in a LONG time, which is appropriate since 'Christmas Shopping!" is the first story I have posted in several months. I started this in 2008, intending it to be posted in time for the holidays that year. Didn't happen. I revisited it again late last year, almost finished the first draft, then got distracted by real/life events.

This year I promised myself that I would finish the darn thing, not only because it had been hanging around so long, but because it was the closest thing I had to a finished story, and I desperately wanted to post something before the end of what has been a very unproductive year.

I think my muse has awakened and is crawling out of the cave where she has been trapped all year, and I feel like writing again. Not promising anything, but I sincerely hope to get 6-8 stories out this year. I have about thirty(!) already started in my WIP folder, so all it should take is some self-discipline to meet that goal.

For those readers who like my stories, thanks for your patience. Here's to a Horny New Year!