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Hard Times is complete

December 7, 2010
Posted at 7:57 pm

I'm sure that some readers are going to wonder why this story ended so abruptly. One of the most common themes in literature is about the mating dance, the romance, and the 'they live happily ever after' ending. The variants of this story are endless, but have common themes. In this story, I skipped the parts about the mating dance and romance. Sorry, but that's been done a lot and it wouldn't have highlighted Burl's initial plight - loneliness. I did keep the 'happily ever after' bit.

This story is about a different kind of invisible person - the Burls of this world. I realized the other day that I had been overlooking a person in my social sphere and wondered why I never really thought much beyond 'what a nice person' when thinking about her. You might say that this story was a personal reminder to look beyond the public facade.

I hope you enjoyed it.