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ASSTR Problems

November 27, 2010
Posted at 10:30 pm

Some of you may or may not be aware of ASSTR and what's going on there. My website is there and it's got the same stories I post here, just...more of them. With pornographic pictures.

Unfortunately, ASSTR is having problems and I decided to cut and paste my most recent explanation of how and why here and avoid answering 7 more emails on the subject tomorrow.

Subject: problem with link
Date: Sat, 27 Nov 2010 16:43:42 -0500


There is a problem with the link "severe captions" I get an error message when I click on it. Just wanted to let you know 8-) Love the site.


Hi Z. Thanks for taking a look and dropping me a line.

I was right in the middle of updating some stuff and changing some things when ASSTR's server died. It's back up, but only partially and the server for authors is still down, so I can't get in there to finish the job.

Severe Captions and the Comics and a few other things were eating up a LOT of space on ASSTR, relative to how much I'm really entitled to for a "text" site. It made me feel a little guilty, so I pulled those and I'm making them available as downloadable zip files from another location. In fact, the entire site is backed up and I'll be making it available for download and viewing offline in the comfort of our homes.

I just have to wait for the ASSTR people to get their machinery working again. I'm hoping that will be within a week or two. That's the long, boring explanation in which I don't say much of anything except "I'm helpless."

Best always,