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November 23, 2010
Posted at 5:56 am

The Polishing Continues

First, my apologies for not posting anything yesterday. I've just woken up, am sipping that vital mug of coffee, and have hit submit on another chapter of Flight of Destiny.

Yesterday was hectic for me with work. By the time I was free to sit down and be alone with my thoughts, I was too exhausted to coherently phrase them in the form of prose. However, I did write rather many notes, so the better ideas will (hopefully) not go to waste.

Winter has been creeping upon us in my little spot of the world, however this morning it's chosen to announce itself with a forceful bang...we have a blizzard! So, whilst I'm safely stuck inside I'll be writing, editing, and baking bread most of the day.

Without much further ramble, I'll get on with working on my stories. Warm wishes of full bellies and happy reading to all.