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Another Couple of Attempts and I'll be Running the Company...

November 23, 2010
Posted at 12:15 am

My editor recently sent me an email saying I should probably update my blog after over a year and a half, before people thought I was dead. Fear not, taxes are the only certainty of life that I've yet to face! Sometimes around April, though, I wonder if I might be better off if that was reversed...

While I wish I had a better excuse, all I have to fall back on is the old reliable. Work. Seems like every time I get my head above water, begin settling into my responsibilities, and build up enough time and energy to start seriously trying to write again, I get promoted and have to learn my job anew. While that is bad for those of you unfortunate to think my gibberish is entertaining, I've found I can't quite build up enough outrage to complain too much.

The good news is that since I'm now reporting directly to the VP level of the company, so I don't really expect that trend to continue. Unless I or my current boss has a heart attack (which was what unfortunately and non-facetiously foreshadowed my previous promotion), I hope that in the relatively near future I can start writing again.

I have mentally outlined exactly where EtG is going, as well as having pretty well outlined a couple of other stories I'm interested in telling. Once I can get the impetus to get started, I have plenty of material to work through. I've actually had a chapter and a half of EtG completed to the point of needing edits to post. Of course, I've also rewritten them twice during aborted attempts to pickup momentum after long periods of inactivity. Hopefully around the first of the year (slow time for my company), I'll feel comfortable and we'll see rewrite number three and I won't stop this time.

I do check my email occasionally (though not as often as I should, and I'm horrible about responding when I'm not in a period of writing activity). I do want to thank those that have sent me email. They are appreciated, and they are the nudges that keep me thinking of my stories and make me want to start again. Though I've made the promise before, I'll try to do better with responding.

Thank you,