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November 18, 2010
Posted at 9:53 pm

Getting gold and dross

Writing is a pretty cathartic experience, and I'm really enjoying it so far, though that doesn't make it easy. Sometimes it's downright frustrating! What's great though are the comments, so I'll share a few I received today. Love them all, even those that berate me (fortunately, 90% positive, so I'm guessing most like it).

Bruce - It's still to early to tell yet were this story is going. However, it is written well, and easy to read.

Bob in Sydney - Boring as batshit, this story should be offered to insomniacs as a guaranteed sleep system.

Dwight - Very good chapters.

MG - Maybe it is too early but for now the characters are a bit lifeless and do not garner any real interest !

CV - I'm enjoying the story - good stuff... Fun. Keep up the good work, and good luck getting to 50,000.

Doug - Hi Dori, I've only read the forward and I found it fascinating. I love a good post apocalypse story and I'm looking forward to reading yours

Fred - My standard,thanks for sharing your work with me/us.I can see it building and am enjoying it to this point. If I figured it out right I'm sending a quote that needs your attention from the last paragraph of chapter 5. (thanks Fred -Dori)

Duane - Truly epic. Favorite and well-written.

Malcolm - This is really good and I am gripped by the
anticipation of how all the disparate strands will
be drawn together. As a 67 year old Englishman who has only ever been near two (friendly) shotguns in my life, I am always amazed at how many Amarican stories descrbe in infinite, loving detail the types of guns that the characters use. I suppose we will never
understand each other. Thank you for a good story

Zine - I love detail, too, but I think you're going way
overboard, e.g., all the weapons jargon in the
first chapter. I think it would take a Marine to
appreciate it all. Just a thought. (was never in military -Dori) Interesting story so far and I plan to keep up!

Anon - Can't wait to see the next chapter.

Yes, I know Rick switches to Jed in paragraph 6 twice. I've submitted the new chapter twice, won't take oh well.