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new story idea

November 13, 2010
Posted at 11:11 am

I still plan to have 2 more stories set in the Gas Leak series but I want to write a new, unrelated story forst. I hope you will approve of my story.

it will be based on an x rated version of a comic book super hero origin story that will have ties with the US military

I hope you like it

Going Home chapter 5, the conclusion should be ready to post, hopefully within a week, AND, as stated in my last blog post, I would like to hear your ideas on which direction I should go in first. Either back to Sheraton or the Catholic schoolgirl story

So far, the schoolgirl story is the more popular choice (I wonder why?) LOL

Please let me know how you like my stories and keep sending me feedback and the story ideas you like and please, don't firget to vote on them

thank you
Indiana Tom