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November 13, 2010
Posted at 2:05 am

I really appreciate all the comments, pro and con, for Discovery. I will, at some point, make some editing changes I feel are valid from my post-it notes I make from the emails I receive.

I take the emails much more seriously than any score given. It's not that I don't appreciate the scores when they are honest in nature, but the system isn't set up to weed out the trolls, so scores become less a measure of the quality of any given story. Then there's the fact that scores are also adjusted by the stories posted during the same time frame. No system is perfect and I don't know what could be done to fix what is there, so I live with it as it is.

The same goes for emails that simply say, "You suck!", but don't explain why they think that. If someone explains why they think that, whether I agree or disagree, I have much more respect for that person than the one who just drops a 2 in the score column.

Then there is why I wrote Discovery. It was written for me because it is the type and quality of themed story I would like to see more of, just like most of you that wrote to me asking for more. If I get the inspiration for what happens next and with whom, I'll write it. For right now, I ended it where I did because I wasn't sure what Kate would choose and how soon she would choose it. I might come back to Kate after she graduates and has a place of her own, a new job, and making new friends while staying in touch with old acquaintances. The point is, it will have to be a rich, full tapestry that takes place with her choices; not a simple stroke story.

Nysau Moon