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November 7, 2010
Posted at 2:34 am

I'm not much for promoting my website compared to a lot of authors. I don't usually worry about it much and I might mention it here once in awhile, but I got like 3 emails back2back2back from (presumably) 3 different people looking for "more" of my stories.

Some people think less is more when it comes to me and so this request for "more" kind of confused me at first. I was like, "Weeeelllll...If you can't find my stories, what's the problem? You should be happy."

Anyway, for that one reader lurking and wanting to ask the question and not quite able to find the words, here's how to find "more" rache/Rachael Ross/T.S.Severe/Kylie X. and yes, even God of Porn, which I am not, btw. GoP is a place, not a person or thing. People have a hard time understanding that for some reason. Probably I shouldn't have written the Manifesto, huh?

Go here:

Rachael Ross Archive

It's important you go through the front because the site uses frames. Also, please read everything on that front page because it's how we figure out if you should actually dive into the pool or not. If none of it amuses and confuses, but only makes you shake your head in pain - avoid my site. Don't go in. The rest of my website is just like that, okay?

I'm doing you a favor here, so trust me. I'm not going to lose any sleep over it if you browse Bad Fred's website instead. It's nice and friendly and easily navigated. Mine is a treacherous slippery slope of sick humor and twisted sexuality that most resembles the search for WMDs in Iraq.

Once you enter, it's all pretty straight forward. Click a link on the left and a story will show up on the right. If you click a story link, I mean. Actually, even the stuff that isn't a story is still a story, but you have to use your imagination and play along with me to enjoy it. There is "more" of me there than most people need or want. Some of the webpages have depth too, so there's links kinda all over. I should make a site map, but when I tried I got lost.

ASSTR doesn't like graphics. It's a text repository, but I send them a lot of money every year to assuage my guilt. Just reload any graphic that doesn't want to show up the first time. All links work...except for some of the ones on "Vatican's Best Escorts - Jessica" - some of the story links aren't working because I haven't made the html yet, but everything else should be good.

The links to bestiality files are buried 2 or 3 editorial pages deep, btw...Lots of people ask about those. It's on the page with "Adventures of a Dog Whore" and that reminds me I need to get that story up here one of these days.

Okay? Is everybody happy?

Good. Have a nice day!

and "Yes, I did steal the CSS from SOL because it's so cool."