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Tammy - Chapter 8

October 18, 2010
Posted at 10:06 am
Updated: October 18, 2010 - 10:08 am

Well, I finally posted an additional chapter to Tammy after doing the rewrite I mentioned in my blog a few days ago. If you've read it, Thanks! If not, perhaps a look might be in order.

The storyline gets a little complex as Karl, Tammy and her parents try to sort out what can and can not be done to make the the couple's life in the wilderness more comfortable than austere. The two big questions are what happens if she gets pregnant and will they have to wait the two years before they can get married.

Just to keep things real, I figure that I will be posting a new chapter the Tammy Storyline every week or so. As I often write quick-read chapters --- I guess you'd say Short ones --- I'm going to try writing longer ones with more meat in them. That just means it will take longer to get a chapter ready for posting.

Anyone that writes knows, it takes time to write and edit a story. Lots of time. For me typing only takes about a third of the the time with editing taking the bulk of it. As I have mentioned before chapters like the short ones I submit take three to four hours to write.

I'm sure that there will be an exponential increase in time with longer chapters so, I ask for a little patience.