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Erotic Pen

October 17, 2010
Posted at 9:59 am

Amidst the series of emails I received for "Yella", all of which seemed to take a slightly different approach to a common location, which was basically a critical assessment of my ability to generate a localized vacuum, I received a particularly helpful suggestion, pointing out that there are a few resources out there for aspiring writers (of which I am one, as you can tell by this incredibly impressive run-on sentence).


This is a site set up for authors, by authors. In my browsings, I've found quite a few names that are very recognizable to anyone who's perused the offerings on this site. The site used to be quite active, but it seems it's stagnated. Even so, there is a ton of good information there, and it'd be nice to get it revitalized. So, if you're interested, head on over, check it out, sign up, write something offensive, and let's get this pot stirred already!