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What I'm Working On

October 14, 2010
Posted at 9:43 pm

I don't know how many people actually read the blogs, but I wanted to pass on a little info to those who are interested.

I haven't abandoned writing as a few have suggested. I never listened to them anyway. I recently had a burst where I was posting a chapter or two for one of three stories a day. That was intense and I enjoyed that period. But, as I was off from work, I had the time to write as much as I wanted.

So now I'm back on a more controlled schedule of writing. I guess I'll be able to get out a couple or three chapters a week like I was doing before.

I'm actively working on Claire and The Convent and should have a chapter of each done in a day or so. I'm also working on Tammy after doing a major rewrite on that story a few days ago at a reader's suggestion. I always intended to add to that story and I guess the time is now to extend that story a little.

I guess to quantify where I am with those stories right now, I guess I have about half a chapter done on each of them.

Claire and Jim are in the Jacuzzi for the next chapter of their story.

In The Convent, Judith and John are about to head over to the Lactation Solarium after they finished having spectacular sex. Yes, SEX in the convent with one of the members of the Order!

If you skipped that story when you read the story synopsis, a read might just be interesting. I did put in that it was a different type of Convent!

In the other story of the three, Tammy's been fighting with her mother and father about her life. You know, how will she get married before she get's pregnant if she's living in the middle of the wilderness with her fiancée.

So, that's where things stand right now. I'm going to finish the respective chapters in the order I just mentioned. We'll see how things go.