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Tammy - Major Rewrite

October 12, 2010
Posted at 5:36 pm
Updated: October 12, 2010 - 5:48 pm

I wrote Tammy a while ago and recently a reader wrote to me asking for more. Reviewing the original story I know there is a lot that can be added.

I've made a lot of revisions to the original story, hopefully improving it and I'll be adding some more chapters very soon.

If you've already read Tammy, a new read might be interesting. I've sped up the dialog and the action to make it more appealing.

I think it's time for Tammy and Karl to start with some hard days of living together and the things that can happen to a couple living off in the wilderness with only themselves for company. Karl is used to working hard but Tammy is used to the good life. How they handle things, sharing the workload will prove to be interesting.

When the story continues, Tammy finds out that even though she took a minor in Forestry in college, she really has much to learn. Karl finds out he can learn from her as well.