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October 7, 2010
Posted at 5:58 am

Well guess I'll start by telling about my secret side. Don't want to get too personal in case you can figure out who I am in real life. My biggest fear is that my secret will get out. I've always been attracted to early pubescent girls. The proper term is hebephilia, as apposed to pedophilia, which is an attraction to prepubescent children. (The term ephebophilia applies to those who are attracted to LATE adolescent children.) I have no control over who I'm attracted to. Fortunately I'm also attracted to adult women (but not teen aged girls) so I have a normal sex life with adults only. I have never, and will never, touch a girl who is younger than about 20. Our society places taboos on sex that cause too many problems, especially for children who are exposed to sex when too young.

Something that at least seems to be sexual response has been seen in children as young as 6 months, however erections in baby boys may have other causes. An erection in humans is simply blood backing up in the penis, and may be a response to several different stimuli. Unfortunately scientific exploration into child sexuality is crippled by ethics. I'm not saying it should be researched. I'm just pointing out that very little is known about the biology of sex in children. Anyone who harms a child for their own gratification not only belongs in prison but they should be kept in the prison gym, to be used as punching bags.

Some of my stories deal with the sexuality of death. I'm an atheist and do not believe in existence after death. I doesn't work mathematically. Also the Bible and other religious texts are never clear on what Heaven is like. Many describe Hell in great detail, but what is done for eternity in Heaven? If reincarnation is true, what happens when the sun burns the last of it's fuel and all life (and likely Earth itself) is destroyed in about 5 billion years. Planets have been discovered orbiting other stars, including one recent discovery that is the right mass and distance from it's star to support life. Even if life is common in the universe, some day, trillions and trillions of years from now after all the stars ave burned all the fuel in the entire universe there will be no place anywhere that can support life. If our existence can end in trillions of years, why should it not end in 70 years?