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Some People Have No Honor!

September 2, 2010
Posted at 10:46 pm

One thing that really pisses me off is the few here who purposefully and hurtfully go about giving LOW scores for stories.

I'm the first to recognize that I make mistakes. I found two slight errors in my last posting of Bullet which I have corrected and will send off in the next round of updates.

Again, someone gave me a 7 for Technical. And the CRETIN who did that didn't have the guts to own up to it and explain it. I did add a note at the end of my story requesting an explanation of a low score. I consider 7 a low score. And I don't think a 7 is appropriate for such small errors.

I work hard to keep my text bug free and grammatically correct but I'm human and I do miss a few little things. I do go back and correct errors that I find but the CRETINS don't go back and correct their scoring.

I am beginning to think that others on this site who have been blasted by this band of CRETINS are correct and suggested turning off scoring might be right.

My suggestion is for SOL to REQUIRE a comment from ALL who score a story. That will put an end to this thorn in many author's sides.

What do you think?