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A Reader Note About the New NIS Tale

August 18, 2010
Posted at 9:37 pm

Hi Folks,

Well, I dug up another one of those 'take-a-poke-at-NIS' tales that have been lurking on the back burner of my hard drive and a reader sent me an insightful note. Here, I'll just paste it:

(BTW: Thanks Al for this keen insight.)

"I like the premise. There were several obvious
glitches in "The Program." Imagine passing out
loaded revolvers to 9th graders and expecting them
to exercise the restraint of trained, experienced
law enforcement officers with nothing more than a
pep rally!"

Yeah, imagine that, or the almost complete lack of adult supervision, not to mention intervention in the case of abuse.

OK, ok, I'll climb down off my soapbox now. :)

Anyway, the new tale is started, but the story ARC is still being mulled over. I'd like to do something with the group dynamic of the kids in Juvenile Lockup, but I want to explore it as budding romantic / protective relationship rather than a "Oh, I like being around you. Let's DO-IT!! WHEEEEE!" Any suggestions by readers would be truly appreciated.

Thanks for letting me rattle around here and warmest regards to all,