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August 4, 2010
Posted at 11:59 am


Everyone says it time and time again. This person or that person is so funny. I have done it as well. I'm not blameless nor do I claim to be. Maybe just maybe this will atone for my sins against the unsung heroes of television.
In my opinion the truly funny men and women of television are not the actors/actresses but the writers. They are the people that make it seem like a specific actor/actress is funny. This is not to say that no actor was ever funny on their own. Many actors out their in the world today started out as stand up comedians and several should revert back to their roots. In some cases they never should have left stand up comedy. Maybe stand up is a starting point for acting maybe not but if a comedian is not funny to everyone then they shouldn't get a television show. That seems quite obvious to me
The talent scouts in the audience should ignore the heckler and 'haters' in the audience that don't find anything funny. Often times the people like don't like the comedians or musicians or whatever act is up on the stage are at the restaurant for a cheap dinner.