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Where I'm coming from

July 30, 2010
Posted at 8:25 pm

"What Kilgore Trout's writing shared with pornography was not sex but visions of impossibly hospitable worlds."

That's how Kurt Vonnegut described the prose of one of his most favorite characters, and it's pretty close to how I would describe my own prose. Except that I put in the sex, too.

I'm imagining a world where sex is fun, casual and without hangups. This world is populated by intelligent, playful people. In my world, sex is always consensual, and everybody knows how to make themselves and each other cum. In my world, women usually initiate the sex, and know what they want and always get it. In my world, children are usually initiated into sex by loving, caring parents or relatives, and the experiences are uniformly positive for them.

In my world, not everybody has an orgasm all the time, but they still take pleasure in pleasuring. My characters are always seeking their limits as lovers, and sometimes they go a little beyond them, but their partners are always careful to bring them back to their comfort zones. As they make love, they talk and giggle and laugh.

My characters don't have ten-inch dongs or overgrown jugs, but normal human bodies. Some of them are overweight. Women sometimes have tits of different sizes, as real women often do, and men have scrotums that range from bull-sized to almost non-existent. Some women get rid of their pubic hair, and others don't. Some men have hairy chests, others barely have pubic hair. The ladies have periods, and some of them incorporate that into their sex lives while others don't. In short, they're normal people, with normal bodies; the only thing that distinguishes them from most people is that they don't care how far off the "norm" they are.