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Update On My Stories

July 29, 2010
Posted at 2:37 pm

Just as I finished my first long story a new character popped up and was so outlandish that I had to include it in the story. So another side story to the main story.

The cheerleader story has hit a brick wall and I'm trying to figure a way around it. I may have to rewrite the last couple of Chapters and go in a different direction. Meanwhile I have taken a side episode of the cheerleaders interaction with a Teacher who is not sure if she is lesbian or bi-sexual. If I can get it to end correctly, I can post it as a short story.

Posting stories by chapters on a regular basis is fine. However, I personally dislike stories that you have to wait 3 months to a year for the next chapter. I lose interest real fast that way. Therefore, I will finish a story then post it.