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Claire - Chapter 33

July 28, 2010
Posted at 1:55 am

I think by now, readers have found Chapter 33 is up and running here on SOL. I hope readers find the continuing and ever strengthening relationship between Claire and Jim interesting.

Some people have been a little disturbed by the addition of Sandy to the storyline and her precocious behavior. I did put a warning in the story description and I have not really given more than a brief account of what happened with her Claire and Jim.

It was never my intent to exploit Sandy in the story and all actions have been a result of her instituting the situations that have arisen. In Chapter 33 Jim muses over Sandy's future and gives a little insight into the person she will most likely become.

I had a reason for including Sandy's actions in the storyline and that will become apparent in the next couple of chapters as Jim and Claire get ready to start building their lives together.