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A creepy email asking about Chandra

July 18, 2010
Posted at 1:00 pm

I received a very strange email from someone asking about Chandra. I tried emailing back but the email add was NG. I was Chandra's first SOL contact and we haven't hidden the fact that we're friends but nothing has been written about that lately, so I'm already curious why I received this email at this particular time.

It was almost incomprehensible but I was able to make out the basics. He (Actually, I don't know for certain that it was a he) wanted to know Chandra's name so he could look up her stories. (Uhhh...try Chandra?) He wanted to know about her mythology. (Her what?) And he wanted to know why she thinks of herself as God of something. (Say what? There's only one person on this site with the chutzpa to refer to themselves as a God and it certainly isn't Chandra.)

If this is the kind of screwball she's attracting (rhetorical question: why was it sent to me and not her?), it's no wonder her stories are getting trashed.

"Hello and thank you for posting on SOL today. My name is Aqualung and I'll be your lunatic fringe email writer."

Thank goodness the internet protects us from people like this.