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Just Starting Out

July 17, 2010
Posted at 4:29 pm
Updated: July 29, 2010 - 2:27 pm

First I must mention that I quit writing for my English Teacher when I finished High School over 50 years ago. I write as people talk in every day life, using slang and colloquialism phrases and regional accents. If you are a stickler for gooder Anglais...Pfffttt.

I have entered my first story, The Unofficial Cheerleaders, here at Stories Online. I have a couple of other I'm working on. They are long stories. One actually has a decent plot that runs throughout the story but also has a lot of sex as it goes along so I hope I can satisfy those who like one or the other or both. So far it runs 117 pages at about 130 to 150 lines each page.

The First story is about A guy who is fed up with Corporate, as well as city, life. He gives his notice, cashes in his stocks, and hits the open road for destination unknown. (Oh how we all would love to do this at some point.) This is an adventure story of things he does, some tribulations, various weird happenings, a couple of near tragedies, and becomes the Owner of a slum trailer park. Did I mention sex.

He picks up a girl in a truck stop trying to get a ride back home in Nevada where her Dad is, after her Mother and Aunt are killed in an auto accident on a visit to Tennessee. She convinces him to give her a ride. Since he is going West he figures why not. Before the night was over he found she has one of the wildest pussies he ever encountered so they fuck and drive, fuck and drive, tease truck drivers on the road with her breasts and pussy, all the way to her home in a dingy slum trailer park. Did I mention she was 13?

The trailer park is mostly Divorced dads with daughters and divorced moms with daughters and sons. All are low income but they do work. No welfare people there. The owner is a slum landlord and uses the park as a tax write off, thus he doesn't repair anything, does nothing to improve the park.

This angers Randy. He figures it is one thing for adults to live like this but it is a crime to raise children in this atmosphere. He was only going to stay a day or two but he could not turn his back on these children so he bought the Trailer Park. A number of side stories, twist and turns that accompany the main story. There is also involvement of a trailer dealer in town, the Judge, Sheriff and Mayor get involved. Did I mention lots of sex?

The other story also has a loose plot, so far 45 pages, and has a lot sex, incest and mixing.

The story is about our favorite subject, Cheerleaders. This is the story of what they have to do to qualify for the Team. No not the school requirements, their own sex requirements. That stirs up a lot of interesting scenarios. The girls range in age from 13 to 16. Can the girls qualify? Dads and Teachers get involved.

If you are interested in either Story please let me know via email. I am trying to find an ending for them but every time I think I am there another situation crops up to continue the story, not to mention a few rewrites due to what they call the "learning curve".