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Going Home Chapter 2

July 3, 2010
Posted at 11:17 am

If you readers liked chapter 1 of this story, chapter 2 is coming just as soon as I can possibly write it.

The action in chapter 2 will be even hotter than 1 (at least I think so IMHO)

there will be a third part to this series coming out later in which characters from stories one and two will be taking part in. this plot has been discussed before to those that have read my stories, if you haven't read them before, please do.

the fourth part in this series will actually go back in time a little form the continuity of this series in order to show what else happened on the same day as the events shown on "gas Leak" in the town of Sherwood from other peoples' point of view. I explained alittle of these happenings in the epilogue for gas leak but wanted to show more detail in it

I have a fifth part planed as well which will discuss more of what happen in Sherwood in the present time when Diane, the maid returns home.

After this I plan on writing other, completely differens stories

thank you for reading my stories
Indiana Tom