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This God of Porn person needs to chill out!

June 15, 2010
Posted at 9:51 pm
Updated: June 16, 2010 - 5:50 am

His (or her...can't tell with this person) vicious attack on Chandra was uncalled for, out of line, pathetic and just wrong. I read her blog and all she did was poke a little fun at the lord of the manor. Oh, I'm sorry. The God of Porn.

When we put ourselves out there, things are going to come back. Flattering things, unflattering things, sarcastic things and funny things. Apparently, his majesty feels he has license to say anything he wants about anyone, like Tom Land or Chandra but when someone says something about him, watch out.

Then he has the nerve to whine like a 6 year old girl about how he complained to the Webmaster about her.

I follow Chandra's blogs and they're funny, witty, energetic, whimsical, entertaining, sexy, endearing, even sometimes alarming. While this God of Irrelevance writes blogs that are self indulgent and....I think self indulgent about sums it up.

This is a thin skinned, overbearing, pompous, self-important, silly old person, with no sense of humor, who takes himself WAY TOO SERIOUSLY! If he wants to pick on someone, he should pick on someone his own age, like me. And if he wants to whine to the Webmaster about me also, he's got me confused with someone who gives a shit.

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