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Heirs and the Power of Minds

May 27, 2010
Posted at 6:56 pm

These are two stories I wrote a while back and never got around to posting them. Heirs is a nice little romance. I do tend to be a bit moral and high and mighty and originally this story would have deviated from it, but making the father a real bastard, stealing his son's wife away from him. I however changed my mind as I wrote the tale and got on top of my morally high horse yet again and made the son become the ass and the father and daughter inlaw do everything just right and correctly so that they could live happily ever after.

The power of minds stems from a longer story called obsession. You can see hints of a deeper story here during their dinner together at the jazz club. Something isn't quite right with her, and I stopped writing the story a little past where I decided to end it in this posted story. She starts to get weird on him and stalkerish. Emotionally there are some issues going on with her and this guy has become in her mind a savior, who is meant for her. She goes a little fatal attraction on him later on, but I haven't gotten around to writing that version of the story. I felt that what I did write was good enough and hot enough to post to you readers!